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According to studies, a majority of people experience foot health problems at some point in their lives, which is what makes preventive care of such universal importance. Proper preventive care means being attentive to the needs of your feet, performing regular home examinations and hygienic upkeep. It is important to be responsive to the arising of pain or discomfort, checking that you are wearing proper footwear and adjusting your daily habits to avoid overuse or strain on the bone, skin, or muscles of the feet. Regular examinations by our podiatrist are of special concern to patients who are diabetic, for whom the risk of ulceration and amputation is much higher than the general population.

 Since imbalances in biomechanics, the wrong footwear, or repetitive stress on the lower limbs can predispose individuals to falls or injuries, proper preventive care from a podiatrist is the best way to avoid the onset of painful foot conditions or deformities as well as decrease the risk of their recurrence.

Our podiatrist will provide guidance in the best methods of care and treatment for preventing all manner of foot problems. Whatever risk factors you may possess, by partnering with our podiatrist and participating in a program of preventive care, you can protect the health of your feet.

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