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The Remy Class IV Laser Therapy is one of the Safest and most effective ways to treat onychomycosis and various conditions that cause foot and ankle pain.

Laser procedures represent a major advancement in modern medical technology, with many exciting applications within the field of podiatry. Lasers have been proven effective in treating a wide spectrum of foot health issues, such as corns, warts, soft tissue inflammation, vascular lesions and nail fungus. The laser itself is a highly versatile device that provides a faster, safer, and more precise alternative to many conventional methods of care. With laser procedures, the risk of infection is reduced, and faster healing is promoted. Moreover,  a laser procedure treats only the targeted area and does not affect nearby healthy tissue. Since oral medications are not typically required for treatment of a condition when a laser procedure is the method of care, the potential side effects of these drugs are eliminated.

Our podiatrist is skilled and experienced in performing laser procedures and will determine when a patient stands to benefit from this method of care.

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