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Healing Heel Pain with EPAT, Shockwave

March 18, 2024

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of how Extracorporeal Pulse Activation (EPAT), also known as Shockwave therapy, can be used to heal heel pain. This revolutionary treatment method, cleared by the FDA, has been shown to effectively manage chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis, which affects many people across the globe.

Understanding EPAT and Shockwave

EPAT/Shockwave is a non-invasive treatment that uses unique pressure waves. When introduced into painful areas of the body, these pressure waves stimulate the metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and accelerate healing. By triggering this process at the cellular level, damaged tissue can be regenerated, reducing inflammation and easing pain.

The Benefits of EPAT/Shockwave

EPAT/Shockwave therapy offers a range of advantages over traditional treatment methods. Because it's non-invasive, no anesthesia is required. Furthermore, there's no risk of infection or scarring following the procedure and patients can quickly resume their daily activities. EPAT/Shockwave has been shown to be highly effective, with over 80% patient satisfaction. It also tends to be cost-effective, requiring fewer sessions than other treatment methods. Patients often report relief after only 3 or 4 treatments.

How Dr. Grodman Uses EPAT for Heel Pain

Dr. Scott T. Grodman, a highly experienced podiatrist in Taylor, Michigan, specializes in using EPAT/Shockwave to treat patients with chronic heel pain and other foot conditions. His expertise in this cutting-edge technology has helped many of his patients find significant relief from their symptoms.

  1. EPAT/Shockwave therapy is non-invasive, meaning it doesn't involve surgery or incisions. This reduces the risk of complications and speeds up recovery time.
  2. No anesthesia is needed for EPAT/Shockwave treatment, making it more comfortable for patients.

By using this modern therapeutic method, Dr. Grodman aims to improve the lives of his patients, helping them regain their mobility and comfort.

Preparing for Your First Session

If you're considering EPAT/Shockwave therapy for heel pain, it's helpful to know what to expect before your first session. Firstly, you will need to schedule an appointment with a qualified healthcare professional like Dr. Grodman, who specializes in this treatment method.

  1. During your consultation, you should discuss your medical history and symptoms to ensure that EPAT/Shockwave is the right choice for you.
  2. The treatment itself involves applying a gel to the affected area and then placing an applicator on top. The applicator generates pressure waves which penetrate the skin and reach deep into the body tissue.

Patients usually report feeling a tingling sensation during treatment, but it's typically not painful. Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

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