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Hot Spots While Walking, Hiking or Biking? Ask Our Podiatrist

September 28, 2023

If you are experiencing hot, burning or tingling sensations on the bottom of your feet when you’re walking, running, or pedaling your bicycle, it’s time to schedule a visit to our podiatrist at Scott T. Grodman, DPM. Our podiatrist is a specialist on all conditions affecting the foot and ankle, and is best trained and equipped to diagnose and treat the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing.

It’s natural for our feet to heat up and swell during prolonged periods of activity, and sometimes these conditions can be alleviated by simply changing footwear or socks. Wearing shoes that are too tight — especially in the toe box — that don’t allow the feet to breathe and the blood to circulate, and socks that trap perspiration, are possible sources of your problem. The wrong insert or insole can also be a factor.

If you’ve tried making changes to your footwear and the burning sensations persist, it may be an indication of a medical condition affecting the nerves. Neuromas occur when the nerve tissue thickens because of irritation or compression. This most commonly occurs between the third and fourth toes on the bottom of the foot. It’s sometimes referred to as an intermetatarsal neuroma because it affects the ball of the foot between the metatarsal bones. Symptoms include pain, tingling and a sensation that there’s something inside the ball of the foot. The symptoms often start gradually and possibly improve temporarily before returning and becoming even more persistent. 

After getting a detailed picture of when and how your discomfort occurred and conducting a thorough examination, our podiatrist will recommend options that may include modifications to your activities or footwear, medications or other treatments. It’s important to treat these “hot spots” before permanent nerve damage occurs that may require surgery.

Don’t let the discomfort you’re experiencing keep you off your feet at work or at play. Contact our doctor of podiatric medicine at Scott T. Grodman, DPM today for an appointment.

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