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Are Your Feet Always Cold or Sweaty? Here’s Why

March 28, 2022

The feet are extremely sensitive parts of the anatomy. Each one of our feet is home to thousands of nerve endings, several major arteries, and a high density of sweat glands. So it comes as no surprise that our feet experience a wide range of reactions to heat and cold. But if you feel your feet are persistently cold or sweaty, then it’s time to visit our podiatrist at Scott T. Grodman, DPM, whose sole focus is preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions of the foot and ankle.

Although the phrase “getting cold feet” has become synonymous with feelings of apprehension about an upcoming event or course of action, there are medical conditions that cause some people to experience cold feet in a far different way. Poor blood flow in the legs and feet can be triggered by certain widely prescribed medications, such as those for high blood pressure and migraine headaches — even over-the-counter medicines for the common cold. Heart disease, and ailments that affect the blood vessels and arteries can also be causing this condition, as well as hormonal or nerve disorders.

The density of sweat glands can cause some of us to experience excessive perspiration in the feet. Why do some of us produce so much more perspiration in our feet than others? It may be caused by being under an excessive amount of stress, or a genetic predisposition. Either of these causes the brain to produce more perspiration to cool the extremities. This can lead to the fungal infection known as athlete’s foot, or feet that are often smelly.

Whichever side of the temperature spectrum your feet are on, don’t get cold feet when it comes to a visit to our podiatrist at Scott T. Grodman, DPM. Walk in to our friendly, state-of-the-art office, and you’ll soon be walking in comfort and confidence. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office today!

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