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How to Avoid Unsightly, Painful Hammertoe

March 25, 2021

You may think that feet are as uncomplicated as you can get regarding the human body.  People talk about flat feet, bunions, etc. but the list is not very long.  But for those afflicted with hammertoe and mallet toe the list grows longer and in many cases, more painful. These problems are due to muscles, ligaments and tendons that normally hold the toe straight, are not in balance.

At the office of [BUSINESS-NAME], our knowledgeable staff understands the pain and discomfort that these conditions can cause and are ready help you in overcoming those problems.  The health of our feet is our concern, and we are ready to attend to any and all difficulties you may have with maintaining optimum foot health.

Causes for hammertoe and mallet toe are associated with the shoes you wear, such as high heels or tight-fitting shoes that crowd your toes.  In addition, foot injuries such as a stubbed or broken toe, or a muscle imbalance, can cause the condition. 

You’ll know how to spot a hammertoe or mallet toe, since both have an abnormal bend in the middle, generally affecting the joint that resides close to the toenail.  In general, they occur in the second, third and fourth toes. Any kind of movement of the affected toe can result in pain. In addition, corns and calluses can develop from the toe constantly rubbing against the inside of your shoes.

Relieving the pain and pressure of hammertoe and mallet toe may involve changing your footwear and wearing shoe inserts. At the office of [BUSINESS-NAME], we understand your problem and can advise you about relieving the pain and pressure of hammertoe and mallet toe. It may involve changing your footwear and wearing shoe inserts. More severe cases of hammertoe or mallet toe might need surgery to get relief.

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